Spider Explorer Project

  • The Introduction
    The Spider Explorer simulation program was written as a Computer Graphics Project by Artyom Chebotaryov under supervision of Dr. Gershon Elber.
  • The Goal
    The goal of the project is to simulate the movement of 2N-legged model on the random surface from one point (the source) to another (the target).
    Each leg consists of two parts: "hip" (with two freedom degrees) and "shin" (with one freedom degree).

    The simulation includes the following features & tasks:

    • Providing a possibility to load & move any 2N-legged model given in predefined format (see Description of the structure of the 2N-legged models).

    • Providing two types of the leg movements: criss-cross and parallel.

    • Calculating the direction of each Spider step according to the current position of the Spider and the position of target point.

    • Calculating the tilt of the spider's body reflecting the ground surface (optional).

    • Calculating the movement of each leg according to the Spider's step movement. Each leg movement consists of three rotations of the leg parts ("hip" and "shin") according to freedom degrees.

  • Implementation
    The Spider Explorer simulation program was totally written in IRIT 3D modelling environment.

  • The Site Map
    This site contains the following sections (see in top menu):

    • Screenshots & Animations - several screen shots of simulated scenes of different 2N-legged models from different points of view and several GIF animations of simulated movements.

    • Downloads - Spider Explorer IRIT sources, Simulated Animation IRIT data files, 2N-legged Models IRIT sources, 2N-legged Models IRIT data files.

    • Documentation - User manual for creating new simulations, description of the structure of the 2N-legged models used in simulation, mathematical description of leg movements, general overview of simulation process and the brief description of sources, variables & functions used in simulation program.

  • Future plans
    Here is a list of future plans for Spider Explorer:
    • Adding more target points and finding a best path for visiting them.
    • Adding stones of different sizes to the ground surface.
    • Improvement of the algorithm for finding the trajectory to the target (i.e. checking out the pathless hills and pits).
    • Adding a robotic arm with four or five degrees of freedom to examine the target object.